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What is Immersion?

Immersion is more than just a summer mission trip, it is an invitation into a lifestyle. It is an opportunity for youth groups to come join the Bridge Street House of Prayer community for 9 days, during which students will be stretched in their faith, go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and put their faith into action.


The trip starts out with 3 days of backcountry camping for a fun adventure, team unity, hearing from God, and preparation for the week. When we return to the West Side of Grand Rapids, the students stay with the Bridge St House of Prayer Community on the Westside, and participate in a daily schedule that includes prayer, teaching, worship, prayer walking, neighborhood renovation projects, street evangelism, and other city-wide opportunities.


The Immersion program has borne much fruit as it has been set it up not as a mountain- top experience, but a stepping stone for a life lived fully for Jesus and for His glory.   


From our students..."Immersion is a nine day mission event that takes place in the comunity. Shaping young peoples lives to learn more about Christ. Three days are "preperation" days to learn more about each other spending time in Gods creation, preparing to serve the people of Grand Rapids. When we return to Grand Rapids we will work with the Bridge Street House of Prayer. We desire to be dedicated to see change in the community and our lives. When we get home our lives will be changed and we will constantly want to be following the Lord." 


Please Select 

H.S Immersion

  • Please pray about supporting our team and Immersion.

  • Pray for our students as the experience of growing in Christ begins now.

  • Follow our blog and know how to pray with + for us!


Why a Mission Trip?

  • + To help acheive our Crossroads/Student Ministry Vision of Know + Grow + Go. This mission trip engages all three of those areas.


Why Local?

  • + We love our city, Grand Rapids. 

  • + Immersion parnterns with the BSHOP, which is near our Crossroads focus neighborhood.

  • + It is our "Street Corner", our local area of missional living.



  • + BSHOP is a loved Crossroads Partner, 

  • + Joining BSHOP provides students with a sustainable missions experience, learning what it looks like to live missionally in their own city. 


Serving and loving others is our response to being transformed by gospel of Christ Jesus.  As an expression of faith. we value serving because it takes the focus off of self and directs us towards loving Christ & others.

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